Hi, my name is Dimi Karkaliev, I am the writer of The secret side of sex, I’ve had this idea for about ten years, it started when I was 20 years old and I was dating a girl at the time, she was a good looking girl but growing up she was never the hot girl at school, not the girl that guys wanted to date but after school ended she did become a very good looking girl but she still had it in the back of her head that she wasn’t good looking.

When she started to go out to bars guys would try to pick her up and because she never had this before she would give her number out and started to hung out with the wrong type of people and she started to take drugs, abut six months later she tried heroin and on the first go she was hooked.

Her mother tried to help her by taking her to a family friend that was on drugs but now clean to help her and the first thing he did was take her for a drive and told her to have sex with him and he would get her drugs, this went on for six months and I hadn’t seen her in that time and she told me the whole story, I tried to help her but it was pointless and then one day she told me that this guy has started to pimp her out and got her working on the streets.

This made me think and look at people in a whole new light, we don’t know what has happen to this person to make them turn to drugs, crime, having se for money and as I’ve slowly been writing down ideas and ways to tell this story I started meet more people and they would tell me their story how they become a striper, why they have sex for money and I meet a girl that was nineteen and wanted to be a porn star and I’m sure no one grown up wanting to be in porn.

I want to make this documentary so people can have more of an understanding and not judge a book by its cover and take the time to find out what has happen has made them this way.

To make this it will take about 2 years, I want to follow a person for a few months with a camera to really show what life is like for them and I want to have a few different people from sex workers, adult film actors, the girl next door so we can see what their real life is like. I have spoken to a few people that can help me out but they don’t came for free and they’ll be taking a lot of their free time and time off work to help me, to get this made I’ll need $80,000 to pay crew, money for cameras and anywhere that we will have to travel.

I hope everyone gets behind me on this one and we can tell a story that has never been told before.

Thank you for you support.

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