Andrews Burger


Andrews burger has a rep as one of melbournes best burger stores, walking in I was saprused it's a lots smaller then I was thinking it'll be, there's only a small bench to sit at inside with seating outside, I got there just at about lunch time and they were busy. I ordered the Five-O, a hawser style burger.


.8/2, Not what I was expecting, you can get a burger like this from any fish and chip store, it was nice but it kind of the standard burger you can get in every suburban corner


.8/2, Again standard fish and chips, chips.


1/2, There was a small rang of drink, more then just soft drinks which was good.


1.1/2, The service was good, I didn't have to wait to long for my order and they have a person that greats you when you walk in.


1.5/2, I kind of liked the atmosphere, it has that family owned business that makes you feel like your at home.



Score 4.9/10