As I walked in a saw a hipster with his perfect beard, styled hair and black rim glasses in matching denim, yep it’s that type of place. Everyone that works here looks like their to cool for school, at least they think they are.

1.4/2, I got the Theo, it was a bit small as you can see by the photo but it was a taste burger, double beef patty with bacon and BBQ source 

.8/2, I like that they had crinkle cut chips but not that the large is the size of a small

.5/2, I went for the free refills because a milkshake costs $8, so I ended up with an endless cup of flat coke.

1/2, it wasn’t good or bad but the guy was cool with a family that came in that was having issues with the menu.

1.1/2, The layout is kind of like an old school dinner, when you block out the people that work there it’s not to bad.


Score 4.9/10