Once again every person that works here has a bread, what is wrong with you people? The food came out on a plate to small and I meant a small plate, it would of been better if it was in a take away bag. 

1.0 My first reaction was that it looked like the size of the burgers here have shrunk in size, I remember them being big burgers. The burger tasted good but the bun was to small and three bites in to it everything started falling out and missing that tiny little plate. 

1.0 Good chips but I expected a bit more then a small cup when I pay $23 for a meal. The only thing that saved it was the dipping source. 

1.0 Just the standard drinks, you think a place that try’s to act cool would have milk shakes.

1.2 The guy that took my order was so dry and boring but it was 7pm and he could of had a long day so I’ll look past it but what did save them from scoring .4 was that two people checked on me to see how everything’s going. 

1.0 It was a slow Tuesday so I couldn’t really expect to much, the lay out of the store with the brick walls reminded me of a renovation TV show, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

Over all it wasn’t that bad, the burger was good, good chips but it dose look like the corporate people are dictating Grill’d and it shows that their trying a bit to hard to be cool, it reminds me of McDonald’s with the headband.


Score 5.2/10