Big Boy BBQ

I went to review Big Boy BBQ, I’ve been there a few time so I knew what to expect so I tried a burger I haven’t had before, the Zee Man burger. Overall a good place to get a burger.

1.3/2, I got the Zee Man burger, it had onion rings with beef and BBQ source that gave it a nice mild hint of spice, the burger is a good size with lots of filling.

1.3/2, nice chips, good seasoning.

1/2, soft drinks, alcohol but no milkshakes. I would of liked a 600ml bottle of Coke over the 300ml can of Coke for the price I paid for the meal.

1.4/2, good service, I was greater when I walked in and they made sure I was happy and had what I want.

1/2, Cool american bbq style look, more of a modern look then an outback old school. 


Score 6.4/10