Sex Ruined My Sex Life

Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

In my teens u just wanted to have sex, in my twenty's I wanted more sex and in my thirty's I wanted harder sex, and I got it, the bad thing, I can't have normal vanilla sex, I have to push the limits, I need to go longer and harder to the point having deceits just one girl at a time isn't doing it for me.

I went from one night stands to a fuck buddy to threesome to experimenting, this sounds fun at the time but like everything you build up a tolerance and you need more, like an addict chasing the dragon you'll never find what your looking for.

The last few girls I've been with were all intimidated by me, I knew to much, I was too experienced and they didn't think they could live up to my expectations.

If I could change something I would stick to one girl, I wouldn't experiment so much I want to push everything to the limit but in saying that I also wouldn't change a thing.