Speed Dating

One thing I hate more then anything is sitting around at home on a Saturday night so I took an Uber to the city and picked a random bar to have a drink. I walked in to the bar, had a look around, trying out what’s going on and got my self a drink, as I was standing at the bar all of a sudden everyone at the bar pulled out their phone and left the person they were talking to and started looking around.

I had no idea what was going on so I asked the girl standing next to me, it was a speed dating night, oh yes, speed dating, a bar full of single girls, 40 single girls, yes I counted.

I sat back for a bit and watched as every 10mins they’ll swap partners and move on to the next person. I went back to the bar for a drink when a girl came up to me asking me if I was her next speed date, I told her I was just a random walk in and started to talk to her but she was taken away by her speed date partner. It happened a few times a girl would come up to me asking me if I her next date and again I got to talk to another girl who looked like she was interested in me.

The speed dating ended and everyone got to mingle and so did I, I found the two girls I meet and tried to talk to them both, one would get me alone, then the other one will come over and take me away and this kept going on for about 30mins, I got both of the girls numbers and left with one of them.

I took the girl to a bar to get something to eat, I didn’t want to have a big night I was hoping to be back home by midnight, 12:30am I’m kissing and a bit drunk. I got a message from the other girl asking me to meet her in the city, I should of just gone home.

I meet the second girl in the city and we went to a few backs and ended up at a gay back where she couldn’t keep her hands off me and at around 2am we went back to her house and this is where it started to get a bit strange.

We ended up in bed kissing and playing around with each other, we got naked and started to have sex, about 5mins in to it she jumps off me, leaves the bed room, I wait a few minutes and went to see what was wrong, I find her in the living room crying, this is about the time I started to really freak out, all I could think about was the move Gone Girl, I got her to relax and back to the bed room we go.

You think I would of just left seeing the crazy is starting to come out of this girl but no my dick was in charge for the night and he had other plans and we started to have sex again, and again she freaks out, this happened about 3 more times till I told her I had to go home, she then got pissed off with me, tell me I was just using her and made her feel like shit. In my defense it was 5am and I had to go, so I called a cab which just made her want to have sex again, we started having sex and she tells me to tell her how much I love her, yep that’s right the crazy girl I meet about 5 hours ago wanted me to tell her how much I love her, I know this is the wrong this to say but my dick still in charge told her how much he loves her and her dirty little pussy, (I know my dick is an asshole to girls).

Finely the taxi came and I got to leave, I did take the used condoms with me, I didn’t want to leave any of my DNA around for her, god knows what she would of done with it. I get a message form her a few hours later asking me if I’m going to see her again, I know I should but I got a thing for crazy girls.