My Shirt Was Covered In Blood

I was sitting at home on a Saturday night with nothing to do and sex on the mind so I went to the one place I know where I can find a lady with as little no morals and just like that I made my way to the casino.

I was striking out all night till about 5am when I meet a cute little girl, I forget her name but that doesn’t matter, she was drunk and was willing to talk to me, the best part it only took about 5 minutes to get her back to my car.

We drove out of the casino carpark down one block where it was dark and no one was going to catch us. She got naked and started sucking my dick, she had a tight little body and perky little breasts and loved having her ass played with.

She got on top and started to ride me, with my hands on her hips I’ll pick her up and pull her down as she grinded me, I then flipped her over and with her legs on my shoulders we made sweat love till it was time for her to take the first train home.

The next morning I woke up still wearing my shirt from the night before, it was covered in blood, my hands and fingers all bloody, I had no idea what happened, I check, I still have my liver and kidneys, I checked my car and it had strange looking blood in the back seat, red with some kind of white stuff mixed in it, then it dawned on me, that bitch was on her period.