Two girls and a OJ bottle

It was a typical Friday night, I was sitting at home trying to work out what to do, I called up a few people but everyone was busy and I'm not one to sit around at home on his own so I went for a drive.

I was driving around for about 15mins when I decided to go and get something to drink, as I was driving to the bottle shop I was stuck behind a tram and saw a girl doing something odd, she was squatting at the back of the tram but it didn't look like she was going to the toilet, I passed the tram and made it to the bottle shop that was closed.

On my way back to the car two girls waiting at the for a tram stopped me to find out what time the next tram was going to arrive, I checked the timetable and they had mist the last tram and offered me $10 to drive them to St Kilda, a 20min drive, so I drove them.

As we're driving the girls who have had a bit to drink, out of the blue told me they have kissed, I was shocked and asked them to show me because this was so unbelievable, they kissed and started to flirt with me.

The girl sitting next to me started rubbing her leg on my hand as i was holding the gear stick, i slowly started to touch her knee, up her leg and all the way in-between her legs. This is when I decided to take the long and turn a 20min drive in to almost an hour.

As we're driving the girl in the front started kissing me and the girl in the back, we started to play around with each other. As we're driving down the busy Punt rd I started to have sex with the girl in the front seat, yes as I was driving, maybe I should of used the gear stick for a bit of DP action, yeah i know bad joke. Anyway, this sent on for about 30mins till the girl in the back started asking whats taking so long and asked to get out, I pulled over and before they got out the girl in the front asked to do a turbo kiss, a 3 way kiss at the same time.

As I was driving home I looked down at my hands and saw they had blood on them, then it clicked, the girl in the back of the tram was the girl in the front seat and when she was squatting she was taking out her tampon.