Dazed and Confused

It’s 11am on a Saturday morning when a friend I meet just a week before rang me and asked to go out to a warehouse party in the back street in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, seems legit.

We spent most of the day talking and drinking, we spoke about movies, film making, poking fun at the arty film makers behind us, I think we even got a bottle of alcohol for free. It was a good day and around midnight we decided to go home, I should have gone home but no I took a taxi to the city.

I ended up going to King street, by chance that’s where all the strip clubs are in the CBD, I remember taking out $300 from an ATM, I say remember because the rest of the night is more flashes of events then memory and eye witness events.

So I took out $300 from the ATM and went to the street club around the corner, I started drinking bourbon at the bar, buying the dancers drinks, dancing, having a good time and polished off a bottle of bourbon, that’s when we started drinking tequila, by we I mean my self at almost all of the strippers, I kind of remember this but a friend who happen to be at the club saw all this go down.

As the night went on I got even more drunker and kept buying, I had all the girls dancing with me around the bar to the point security asked me to leave because the strippers stopped working and started to party with me. One of the strippers who kind of new me from the café she would run past that a friend owned asked security to please let me stay, they said I could as long as I behaved my self, that’s when I vomited all over the place and was taken to the back room.

The next thing I remember is waking up and seeing a cat and a lizard in a Mexican stand off, I look around and have no idea where I am, I saw my cloths and bag, put them on and tried to find the front door, as I was walking around this random house I saw two naked girls in one of the bed rooms, found the front door and left.

Clueless, I have no idea where I am, I found a off duty taxi driver, I handed over a fist full of money and begged him to take me home.

I woke up around 6pm Sunday night, I had around 20 mist calls from some random girl named Cage and one from a friend who said he had a call from a random girl asking him if he knows where I live.

I ring the random girl back, she was happy to hear from me, I told her I saw sorry but I have no idea who she was, she was one of the strippers from the club that took me back to her place, flashback, 2 naked girls in bed, she told me everything that happen, I cant really remember most of it but what I do remember it was a good night.