My Shirt Was Covered In Blood

I was sitting at home on a Saturday night with nothing to do and sex on the mind so I went to the one place I know where I can find a lady with as little no morals and just like that I made my way to the casino.

I was striking out all night till about 5am when I meet a cute little girl, I forget her name but that doesn’t matter, she was drunk and was willing to talk to me, the best part it only took about 5 minutes to get her back to my car.

We drove out of the casino carpark down one block where it was dark and no one was going to catch us. She got naked and started sucking my dick, she had a tight little body and perky little breasts and loved having her ass played with.

She got on top and started to ride me, with my hands on her hips I’ll pick her up and pull her down as she grinded me, I then flipped her over and with her legs on my shoulders we made sweat love till it was time for her to take the first train home.

The next morning I woke up still wearing my shirt from the night before, it was covered in blood, my hands and fingers all bloody, I had no idea what happened, I check, I still have my liver and kidneys, I checked my car and it had strange looking blood in the back seat, red with some kind of white stuff mixed in it, then it dawned on me, that bitch was on her period.

Sex Ruined My Sex Life

Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

In my teens u just wanted to have sex, in my twenty's I wanted more sex and in my thirty's I wanted harder sex, and I got it, the bad thing, I can't have normal vanilla sex, I have to push the limits, I need to go longer and harder to the point having deceits just one girl at a time isn't doing it for me.

I went from one night stands to a fuck buddy to threesome to experimenting, this sounds fun at the time but like everything you build up a tolerance and you need more, like an addict chasing the dragon you'll never find what your looking for.

The last few girls I've been with were all intimidated by me, I knew to much, I was too experienced and they didn't think they could live up to my expectations.

If I could change something I would stick to one girl, I wouldn't experiment so much I want to push everything to the limit but in saying that I also wouldn't change a thing.

Speed Dating

One thing I hate more then anything is sitting around at home on a Saturday night so I took an Uber to the city and picked a random bar to have a drink. I walked in to the bar, had a look around, trying out what’s going on and got my self a drink, as I was standing at the bar all of a sudden everyone at the bar pulled out their phone and left the person they were talking to and started looking around.

I had no idea what was going on so I asked the girl standing next to me, it was a speed dating night, oh yes, speed dating, a bar full of single girls, 40 single girls, yes I counted.

I sat back for a bit and watched as every 10mins they’ll swap partners and move on to the next person. I went back to the bar for a drink when a girl came up to me asking me if I was her next speed date, I told her I was just a random walk in and started to talk to her but she was taken away by her speed date partner. It happened a few times a girl would come up to me asking me if I her next date and again I got to talk to another girl who looked like she was interested in me.

The speed dating ended and everyone got to mingle and so did I, I found the two girls I meet and tried to talk to them both, one would get me alone, then the other one will come over and take me away and this kept going on for about 30mins, I got both of the girls numbers and left with one of them.

I took the girl to a bar to get something to eat, I didn’t want to have a big night I was hoping to be back home by midnight, 12:30am I’m kissing and a bit drunk. I got a message from the other girl asking me to meet her in the city, I should of just gone home.

I meet the second girl in the city and we went to a few backs and ended up at a gay back where she couldn’t keep her hands off me and at around 2am we went back to her house and this is where it started to get a bit strange.

We ended up in bed kissing and playing around with each other, we got naked and started to have sex, about 5mins in to it she jumps off me, leaves the bed room, I wait a few minutes and went to see what was wrong, I find her in the living room crying, this is about the time I started to really freak out, all I could think about was the move Gone Girl, I got her to relax and back to the bed room we go.

You think I would of just left seeing the crazy is starting to come out of this girl but no my dick was in charge for the night and he had other plans and we started to have sex again, and again she freaks out, this happened about 3 more times till I told her I had to go home, she then got pissed off with me, tell me I was just using her and made her feel like shit. In my defense it was 5am and I had to go, so I called a cab which just made her want to have sex again, we started having sex and she tells me to tell her how much I love her, yep that’s right the crazy girl I meet about 5 hours ago wanted me to tell her how much I love her, I know this is the wrong this to say but my dick still in charge told her how much he loves her and her dirty little pussy, (I know my dick is an asshole to girls).

Finely the taxi came and I got to leave, I did take the used condoms with me, I didn’t want to leave any of my DNA around for her, god knows what she would of done with it. I get a message form her a few hours later asking me if I’m going to see her again, I know I should but I got a thing for crazy girls.

I Spent a Day on an Australian Porn Set and Ate Sushi from

Vice spent the day with us watching over our shoulder as she shoot a a porno, below is the article.

You might not associate Australia with porn, but we do our bit. A small handful of production companies and independents run a bunch of local websites, all without the budgets or industry framework of the US. The reason for this comes down to censorship. Local laws around sex come in equal measures of strict and inconsistent, which means some producers pretend to make "art" just to fly under the radar. This was the situation I wrote about earlier this year, but I didn't touch on the handful of guys who blatantly make hard-core and don't pretend otherwise.

I met David and Billy, co-founders of Adult Casting Network, at a big house in a safe Liberal seat of Melbourne. The place wasn't theirs, they'd just borrowed it for the day. Unlike most of the Australian porn producers I've spoken to, Billy and David didn't seem concerned about censorship. They said it wasn't really a problem if their porn was on the net, which is a bit like keeping your stash in international waters. But they did concede that making porn here gives the process a particularly DIY vibe, as I was about to see.

I arrived at lunch break. It was a Tuesday and Billy and David had spent the morning shooting solo scenes with an almost-first-time actress named Jasmine Jensen. "I've been a nude model for about seven years," she explained as Billy handed out plates of sushi. "It was just for artistic stuff but everyone kept asking me if I'd ever get into porn. Finally I thought fuck it, why not?" She told me she'd applied via email and shot her first scene the day before. "I was really nervous but then I got into it. Most guys can't keep up with my sex drive."

For me, the idea that pornstars are often just women who love sex is what makes it enjoyable. I sometimes worry this is a bit like eating caged eggs and thinking chickens like cages, but Jasmine seemed sincere. "I've had relationships that didn't work because the guy couldn't keep up with me," she announced proudly, between bites of her California roll.

Billy was the lights and sound coordinator.

Billy was the lights and sound coordinator.

This seemed the theme for everyone. David told a story about how he went to the trouble of going to film school only to get into porn accidentally, but he made a lot of American Pie-style jokes that made me suspect it wasn't a complete accident. As for Billy, his entry into porn was rap.

"I'm a rapper," explained Billy, "And I was looking for someone to help me make a video." David helped him wrangle some girls in bikinis and the two guys discovered they lived on the same street. This resulted in more clips themed around bikinis, and eventually, porn. Today Adult Casting Network does everything from talent recruitment, to production, editing, as well as building personal sites and marketing. Presumably inviting me along was part of their marketing.

After lunch we relocated to a sort of downstairs lounge room overlooking a pool. The two male actors showered while Jasmine readied herself in the bathroom. The first guy was a 27 year-old tradie who got into porn via Melbourne's swinging scene. The second was a 40-something year-old public servant who quietly admitted that his boss thought he was sick.

Neither of the guys wanted their faces in the article, which David suggested was indicative of a bigger problem—that it's hard to find guys who will do porn. "Finding girls is easy," he explained. "There are heaps of them modeling and hooking and that sort of thing, but the guys are all talk." He described how men cancel at the last minute or sometimes don't show up. "It's hard to find guys who will actually do it."

I didn't blame those guys for bailing. As Billy clunked around with extension leads, the two guys shifted around the couches, stretching their arms, and sighing loudly. The room felt tense.

David seemed cheerful though. He mimed his way around the couch choreographing the scene and Jasmine nodded, turning down a jokey request for anal. Then everyone gathered at the door outside and David called action.

You'd think watching real porn might be hot. But the logistics of filmmaking and the bio machinery of penetration creates something that's actually quite weird. I sat in a chair three meters from the performance and experienced a bunch of emotions spanning from arousal to claustrophobia. When we started there was a nice bit of dance music to take the edge off, but then the music stopped and there was only the sound of flesh high-fiving itself.

David and Billy crab-walked around the room with a couple of 5Ds and Jasmine and the younger guy slogged it out, but the older guy struggled. About halfway through he stood back with his wilted junk and resorted to jerking off. The shoot carried on without him. Despite this he kept saying things like "that's it you dirty girl," and "take it" from the sidelines. I'm not knocking the guy. He was braver than I'll ever be.

After about 45 minutes David called cum-shot and everyone did and it was a wrap. The two guys swaggered outside to stand in the sun. Jasmine put on a dress and looked flushed. David and Billy seemed happy.

As I left David jokingly asked if I'd like to get into porn. A 16-year-old version of me was thrilled, but then I heard myself say "no." Sex with strangers is stressful enough as it is. And then there's the fact that making porn in Australia is a lot like making films in Australia—there isn't much money and result isn't slick. In both cases you get the feeling it's done for the love.


Two girls and a OJ bottle

It was a typical Friday night, I was sitting at home trying to work out what to do, I called up a few people but everyone was busy and I'm not one to sit around at home on his own so I went for a drive.

I was driving around for about 15mins when I decided to go and get something to drink, as I was driving to the bottle shop I was stuck behind a tram and saw a girl doing something odd, she was squatting at the back of the tram but it didn't look like she was going to the toilet, I passed the tram and made it to the bottle shop that was closed.

On my way back to the car two girls waiting at the for a tram stopped me to find out what time the next tram was going to arrive, I checked the timetable and they had mist the last tram and offered me $10 to drive them to St Kilda, a 20min drive, so I drove them.

As we're driving the girls who have had a bit to drink, out of the blue told me they have kissed, I was shocked and asked them to show me because this was so unbelievable, they kissed and started to flirt with me.

The girl sitting next to me started rubbing her leg on my hand as i was holding the gear stick, i slowly started to touch her knee, up her leg and all the way in-between her legs. This is when I decided to take the long and turn a 20min drive in to almost an hour.

As we're driving the girl in the front started kissing me and the girl in the back, we started to play around with each other. As we're driving down the busy Punt rd I started to have sex with the girl in the front seat, yes as I was driving, maybe I should of used the gear stick for a bit of DP action, yeah i know bad joke. Anyway, this sent on for about 30mins till the girl in the back started asking whats taking so long and asked to get out, I pulled over and before they got out the girl in the front asked to do a turbo kiss, a 3 way kiss at the same time.

As I was driving home I looked down at my hands and saw they had blood on them, then it clicked, the girl in the back of the tram was the girl in the front seat and when she was squatting she was taking out her tampon.

Dazed and Confused

It’s 11am on a Saturday morning when a friend I meet just a week before rang me and asked to go out to a warehouse party in the back street in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, seems legit.

We spent most of the day talking and drinking, we spoke about movies, film making, poking fun at the arty film makers behind us, I think we even got a bottle of alcohol for free. It was a good day and around midnight we decided to go home, I should have gone home but no I took a taxi to the city.

I ended up going to King street, by chance that’s where all the strip clubs are in the CBD, I remember taking out $300 from an ATM, I say remember because the rest of the night is more flashes of events then memory and eye witness events.

So I took out $300 from the ATM and went to the street club around the corner, I started drinking bourbon at the bar, buying the dancers drinks, dancing, having a good time and polished off a bottle of bourbon, that’s when we started drinking tequila, by we I mean my self at almost all of the strippers, I kind of remember this but a friend who happen to be at the club saw all this go down.

As the night went on I got even more drunker and kept buying, I had all the girls dancing with me around the bar to the point security asked me to leave because the strippers stopped working and started to party with me. One of the strippers who kind of new me from the café she would run past that a friend owned asked security to please let me stay, they said I could as long as I behaved my self, that’s when I vomited all over the place and was taken to the back room.

The next thing I remember is waking up and seeing a cat and a lizard in a Mexican stand off, I look around and have no idea where I am, I saw my cloths and bag, put them on and tried to find the front door, as I was walking around this random house I saw two naked girls in one of the bed rooms, found the front door and left.

Clueless, I have no idea where I am, I found a off duty taxi driver, I handed over a fist full of money and begged him to take me home.

I woke up around 6pm Sunday night, I had around 20 mist calls from some random girl named Cage and one from a friend who said he had a call from a random girl asking him if he knows where I live.

I ring the random girl back, she was happy to hear from me, I told her I saw sorry but I have no idea who she was, she was one of the strippers from the club that took me back to her place, flashback, 2 naked girls in bed, she told me everything that happen, I cant really remember most of it but what I do remember it was a good night.

How I got in to porn

Like all great stories this one starts off with an innocent kid who had dreams of becoming a Hollywood director. It was 3 days after graduating film school on a Friday afternoon when I applied for a production assistant job, I emailed the production studio and got a call back with in a few hours for a phone interview and they ended it with we’ll call you to let you know if your successful, not expecting a call back I kind of gave up on it till I got the call back asking me when can I be in Sydney to start work, I told them I’ll have to get tickets and work out where I’m going to stay, they cut me off and said “We’re paying for everything can you be here by Monday?” By Sunday morning I was in Sydney.

On Monday I made my way to the location, a park in the city where we’re going to shoot our first scene. I was at the park for about 20mins when I got a call from one of the producers, “Where are you, we’re waiting for you at the park” I was in the middle of the park sitting down at a take away shop waiting for them, I looked around but couldn’t see any sign of a production crew, no film trucks full of gear not even a single sign of a geeky film maker to be seen.

Turn around I can see you says the producer on the other end of the phone, I turn and look around but still no sign of a film crew, “See the Porsche’s” says the producer, “Yes I see them”, “That’s us”.

I make my way over to the 5 sports cars but something was a bit odd, the producer was in his mid thirty’s and looks like his had steroids for every meal for the past ten years, I look at the rest of the crew and they all look like Mr. Olympia winners and a girl who has more plastic on her face then the bottle of Coke I’m holding.

The producer starts telling me about the shoot what we need to shoot and how its all going to go, and that’s when I felt my jaw drop, it just hit me, the producer looks at me and says “You know what we’re filming yeah?” I think I just worked it out, “Yeah we make porn”.